The Wii U is “bombing.” What happened!?

There’s this strange misconception that Nintendo’s hardware has always been a huge success. If we’re adding up their hits and misses, there are a lot more failed consoles/handhelds in their catalog. Their best sellers (in terms of market share) have been the NES, Super NES, DS, and Wii. The misses (again, we’re talking market share) have been the N64, Virtual Boy, Gameboy, Gamboy Advance, 3DS, Gamecube, and now the Wii U. You might argue against the Gameboy, but it was not a big seller, despite being the only handheld on the market (I’m comparing it to console sales).

The Wii was a big seller. Nintendo did a great job of creating demand for the system by making sure it was almost impossible to buy one for 2 years. People truly believed Nintendo had created an entirely new gaming experience superior to what we already had. I was never on board with it, but it didn’t stop me from buying a Wii and playing it for about 3 days before I went back to the 360. If you look at Wii’s third party software sales you’ll see that no one was making any money off the system except Nintendo. People were buying Wii’s and not playing them.

The Wii U has a tablet controller. Unfortunately, Nintendo is a little late on that one. We’ve all played games on tablets or phones. This isn’t new technology. We know what to expect this time around. The $299 price tag doesn’t help either, since you can get an Xbox 360 for $199 and they’re about the same in terms of power. Nintendo doesn’t have the cheapest console on the market and they don’t have any games (with the exception of a decent Mario side-scroller). Why would anyone feel the need to buy this console?

The 3DS and Vita handhelds are getting torched by mobile devices. We don’t need gaming-only handheld devices anymore. The Wii U is suffering a similar fate due to the cheap Xbox 360. Hell, you can actually get a $99 Xbox 360 if you subscribe for 2 years of Xbox Live Gold. What sounds like a better deal to you? 3 Xbox 360′s or 1 Wii U? If Nintendo had any software to show it might be different, but by the time they release anything notable the price of the system should be $199.

The one positive of the Wii U is that Nintendo is finally getting current generation ports. The problem is that when the next generation starts (later this year), the Wii U won’t be capable of handling these games. So this only a temporary arrangement. The Wii U will get Call of Duty this year but I wouldn’t count on it in 2014. What happens to Nintendo fanboys when they stop getting current generation games? If it’s me I would be furious, but that’s why I know I have to get a PS4 and 720. Nintendo is slowly but surely being left behind. Then again, it’s not really all that slow anymore, is it?

Microsoft preps next Xbox reveal. What can we expect?

Despite zero games being shown for the PS4 or 720, gamers everywhere are already debating which system will be more powerful. They’re doing this solely based on system specs. The only spec that’s telling is the RAM and they’re both sitting at 8 GB DDR3. Everything else, right now, is a wash because we aren’t familiar enough with the architecture. Is there a really a gamer out there that can tell me the inner-workings of the Durango CPU and how it relates to game development for the next generation?

I think the 8 GB of memory is a bit misleading. These systems will allow for background tasks, which means you need allocated memory for those applications/games. My guess is that retail games will be allowed 4 GB of memory, apps will be allowed 1 GB, and downloadable games will be allowed 1-2 GB. This way you can run a single retail game with 2-3 apps in the background. There’s also the possibility of 1-2 GB of memory being saved for video capture – a feature I like less and less every day (and let’s not forget how much CPU something like that drains).

We’ve heard price rumors as well. $499 or $299 with a 2 year Xbox Live Gold commitment at $15/month. That puts the price at $659 total. Considering you’re already paying $55/year for Xbox Live Gold, it would cost $609 for 2 years with the $499 SKU. However, that Gold account you get with the $299 unit is a family Gold account. That’s the membership I have and it costs $99/year. So I’d actually save $41 by getting the $299 system. MS has backed off of the “always on” promotion, but I still think it’s a strong possibility. You could theoretically buy a $299 system, cancel your credit/debit card and then not pay that $15/mo fee. If the system requires an internet connection MS can validate you and disable your Xbox.

None of this really matters unless you have games, and the launch lineup for the next generation of Xbox looks strong. There will be a few ports, such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Watch Dogs – but we should get a few other titles as well. Forza 5 and Ryse should be released soon and you’d have to think that Rare will release another game that continues their downward spiral. 343 won’t have Halo 4 ready, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone wasn’t working on a spinoff. Maybe Peter Jackson has been secretly working on that Halo game for the past 10 years. If you believe that then you should just buy a Wii U and call it a day.


Been working on something a little weird, but I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing with…

The idea is you draw 2D pixel art and it gets converted into 3D art. You draw onto layers and it converts each pixel into it’s own self-contained 3D box. It makes some pretty cool art, but Director is so incredibly slow that it really gets bogged down quickly after just a few thousand pixels (which isn’t a lot of space).

I sure do hate idiots

This new blog won’t just be about gaming. I really don’t care who I offend anymore, since all the games are going free anyway. I saw this “gem” on facebook today:

It has 76,000 likes. I’m sure most of the people who visit this site are intelligent enough to know why this is stupid, but for those that do not: There is no ban against bibles in school. Children aren’t FORCED to read them. There’s a big ass difference. 76,000 likes. I’m guessing, but I’d suspect that 90% of the morons who liked this photo are your typical white, gun-loving, redneck, still-mad-Romney-lost “I’d vote Republican even if Hitler was the candidate YEEEEEHAW!” type.

In closing. The bible tells you to kill people if they don’t believe in the same God as you do. It says rape is cool as long as you pay the girl’s father 50 silver. How is reading that book supposed to keep you out of prison?

The new (slightly ugly) unFun

OK so right now this is pretty ugly, I admit, but I’m working on it. What I mean is: It will probably look like this for 10 years before I changed it again. This new design is to go with the re-structuring of all the unFun Games to become free. There will be ads all over the place, but no pop-ups and I’ll try to keep then…unAnnoying.

I also have a blog here, which I will be using to post lots of game-related stuff. Not just unFun Games news, but other thoughts/links as well.

The source code is now completely free. If someone wants to pay for it, they’re welcome to make a donation, but it’s all free now. I will be updating the download links soon.